Monday, March 22, 2010


salam n selamat sejahtera,

people always use (and fuse), "i'm in lve".
"i'm in love with u!"

if oneself is in love, what happen(?)
and how about if love is in oneself.what happen(?)
surely,there are differences.

the love, is in me.
not me, in love.

now read between the lines.
that should explains all ;)

thanks for stopping by! are alright.

*another heavy entry



the love IS IN ME and i AM IN LOVE shows the difference from the most fundamental basis.
which is the control.

the first thing that people say reflects the insight of the dominant part within,
the innermost feeling; and if it is something like ...

...Love IS IN ME, ME is the dominant part, and in ME there's love means that the love feeling IS IN oneself how every human is blessed with Love by The Creator. ME is oneself, and whatever Love is within the person, it is under watch and deliberate because Love is a power, and just like anything 'powerful', it can be destructive without control.

...'I AM IN LOVE', often first-mouthed by the person IN love. IN LOVE here carries the meaning that oneself is IN LOVE..and LOVE is dominant over him/her. overpowered by LOVE as the LOVE is the one that having him/her within.when oneself is OVERpowered by Love, anything..yes, anything can happen.

sama seperti kenderaan.kenderaan merupakan satu kuasa diatas jalanraya, yang akan membawa kita dalam perjalanan menuju ke destinasi. Tetapi, perjalanan kenderaan banyak peraturan2 dan undang2 jalanraya ditetapkan yang perlu dipatuhi..Kerana apa? supaya perjalanan kita sampai dengan selamat.

begitu juga dengan Cinta.Cinta merupakan satu kuasa dalam kehidupan, yang bila ianya Benar, akan membawa kita menuju kebahagiaan dalam kehidupan.Tetapi, banyak benar pula peraturan2 dan batas2 ditetapkan yg perlu dipatuhi. Kerana apa? supaya 'perjalanan' kita sampai dengan selamat :)

just as simple as that.
because everything is a catch.
thanks for stopping by ! you're alright.


Alynn Notnot said...

love is in me. means that, we gave ppl our love?mcm tu ke?

~roslinda~ said...

instead of love is in me~
I am in love with my Canon!heh
^^ it sounds better~

bedah said...

so mana gamba love kami yg comel tu? emmm~

piKah said...

keme...i wanna folow u :))


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