Thursday, February 1, 2018


There's this one cool short video on adulthood I saw recently which send ripples of thoughts thats hard to shake off. I guess the question 'How to Adult' has always been in the back of my head since entering the phase nearly decade ago. I try to watch and learn the way them more senior adults around me and also how my peers pave their way into manhood and attempts to design their adult life. But idk, sometimes we wonder if what people are doing is a right fit for us.

In said video the tenet is this- being adult is about taking control of your life, and living to your full potential. Managing things like finances, relationships, self-image and self-worth etcetera while constantly pursue to better them as life unfolds. Owning stuffs, able to do certain set of things, reliable/dependable, got his/her shit together to get him/herself right to take care of self and beyond. Basically that. If I were to reflect these ideas to personal life right now of course I have things to feel proud of as well as sorry about, man got loose ends here and there. I can think of a number of ways things might have become better. But no dwellers.

I do accept that there's a somewhat cardinal rule, or a framework on how a man ought to be, dependent,able, responsible. Like the core idea the aforementioned video elaborates- I agree on that. But I have mixed thought still about some stuffs that's basically consumerism-centered, I feel it reeks conformity. I remember Jim Carrey spoke about 'the relative' and 'the absolute' when we try to discuss the howtos of anything. The former is when you have someone/something that you refer to and the latter is the truth. Now, the popular notion of correct adult life- is it drawn from herd mentality, or is it actually the absolute truth?

In a totally unrelated development, I really love Yuna and Adam solemnization ceremony. Open garden setup and the misty mountain ranges at the background.. giving me dreams and ideas. But fresh flowers are damn expensive, I might be tempted to pick up gardening and grow them by my own just in time lol.

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