Saturday, January 13, 2018


Im having some of the strangest dreams lately, i think it’s because of the chilly weather sweeping across the country right now. Usually i don’t remember my dreams much (if any at all) but the ones these time around i was pretty lucid. Weird ass mind play. Wonder what comes up next.

Im experiencing a potential loss of function. I have this special role in personal life that i really appreciate but right now i think theres interest from other party for that & some more invasive tricks applied & now i think im somewhat got displaced because of my more peaceful calm approach. Im contemplating a move to regain (or re earn) the particular position, but truthfully whats most important to me is for the role to be served well & address and solve the problem- whether it’s me or anyone else doing it, thats secondary. Best man wins.

Another sticky situation arise at work but im okay not overwhelmed no more. By now im used to them and already accepted the fact that each are learning grounds for everyone. It’s not easy to maintain order and harmony in a group of people so glitches should be expected but with every differently delicate case, theres a different approach to address them. I kinda like the process, often i mentally narrate whats happening before my eyes like the voice in documentary to obtain deeper grasp in these souls point of view. Lol

Sometimes i feel like i like some pretty faces i regularly see. To make certain of that i interrogate my feelings by switching the environment. When i went to my other environment where i mingle and spend time with some other beautiful ladies, turned out for a while i forgot about the crush. Then i know that the feelings is not worth pursuing, merely a sensation due to fixation. Because ive experienced real love before and i still remember how it tastes like, u cannot shake off the wonderful thought of her even for a moment. Ah, to be fixated to a person, an idea, anything is often a bad idea because u r like a stagnant pool of water, and emotion flow can be misleading in such situation. It’s only wise to fix your life onto something after u have expanded the depth n breadth of options n coming to a decision.

What an exciting time right now. Figuring out life and what to make out of this limited time. Future investment, financial planning, personal passion and happiness, security & stability, fluidity & freedom, lalalala

Git gud people

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