Friday, January 27, 2017


These time around, i came to appreciate more of what different profession takes & how they are actually difficult in their own ways.

I for one, always advocate the importance of creativity in doing a less-abstract more-empiric works (relative to arts) that emphasizes literacy & numeracy like engineering & informatics.  Because I have my own affinity to arts and my passion in drawing trace way back to younger days.

Even it's nice to treat programming as crafting an art piece, but the creativity involved in coding is very different than  say-drawing. Indeed  there is a school of thought that upholds elegant programming and neat use of notions and syntaxes..but as far as practicality goes- "Whatever works, man.". So actually, as long as the script/code functions well and produce the desired output when executed- that's all that matters. Even sometimes u dont know why your script works, its fine. When your code works, it's finished, altough you might have no real clue why you can stop there.

But when squeezing creativity into perceived arts like on a canvas or onto a stage, every bits matters. You cannot stop until you achieve the very end of satisfaction spectrum only then it's considered finish and you can put everything down. Most often this pursuit of artistic expression and aesthetic undestanding is a long process. With intermittent dry spells to be expected.

Ah but both are nice. I'm savouring both. Perks to be multitalented and assigned task from both domains (whine & brags at the same time)

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