Monday, December 28, 2015


Now it's that time again to reminisce on how the year has gone by.

For all it's worth I think mine went juuust right. There are statistically notable things, like the number of books read (21-a new record!), number of running events joined (only 1 this year- also a record!) & yearly running mileage (over 1.5k kms- I can settle with that).

And also stuffs that...qualms are made of. Like my romance story that had gone south & sunk, my masters research that has hit stagnancy, old relationships that has grew distant & the fall of my spirituality side. And the moments of depression & dismay. I had my share of rough patches & trying times but I fared well.

Experience-wise, I made a lot of gains. I physically travelled across borders, and I mentally traverse across challenges. I saw, tasted, felt & touched new things.. appreciates every one of them, i really like it.

However they might have appeared, it's these things that make me who I am today. They taught me lessons about life, gave me substance. All moments are of equal impact, depth & breadth. And with great moments comes great withdrawals. Ahh..withdrawals, my bittersweet withdrawals. regrets. love every one of them. Yeah i still have struggle luggages to carry forward (we all do) but they make our journey worthwhile aren't they? And I'm forever excited about the great things to come in next year!

Well time is just a concept. Let's live the most out of it!

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