Saturday, June 14, 2014

wata filtaa

I read in a local newspaper recently that the Ministry of Health (MOH) will soon table a bill in Parliament to better safeguard the rights of consumers and protect them from potential health hazard.
I am not sure if this covers the various companies that sell water treatment systems and purifiers but I truly hope that it does.

Some time ago,a friend bought a salesperson from a multilevel marketing company to demonstrate the quality of my drinking water to me. The company sells water purifier that produces RO (reverse osmosis) water. While I kinda felt cheated in the beginning when what that should've been an old friends gathering turned out the be just MLM friends trying to put me into 'closing', I just lend my ears and see what it is all about. I really don't understand why the cannot just be through to me with their intention. However this is my experience about that demonstration.
ada macam2 pesen water filter ni

The salesperson measured the TDS (total dissolved solids) in my filtered water (from my water purifier), tap water and the RO water he brought. Obviously the reading for the RO was zero as RO methods removes all minerals and solids. ( But I kept the thought in my head, as he overzealously explained the opposite)

The reading for my filtered water was 7500 ( I think in microgram/litre) as he kept using the word micron. When I asked him to explain what the reading meant, he could not give a proper answer  but kept saying it meant my filtered water contains alot of hazardous materials contaminant and  microorganisms. (seriouslyy??)

Then he proceeded to the second test which was completely misinterpreted. He used a water precipitor that is meant to test water hardness to show that my water contains a lot of metals, or rust. The device is made of copper and aluminium rods. ( It's basic science, this was the fun part I just waited to hear what he have to say)

As RO water does not contain any salt (minerals) and cannot conduct electricity, the water remains to be the same. But for the filtered water, there is ion exchange between the two rods and precipitation take place where a sludge-like sediment is produced. While this sludge is actually comes from the rod, consumers are told their water is heavily contaminated. "Air kamu ni berkarat, tengok ni nampak tak?" katanya lagi. ( Oh dear, who are you trying to kid with -_-)

Of course in the end of the session, I didn't buy anything that he said, let alone the said 'miracle' water filter that produces RO water ffs. I did try to explain my scientific explanations, but they were like overwhelmed with the truth and left at the slightest hint of me knowing what really happened.

I urge MOH to have guidlines on water purifiers that are sold in the market, There are also companies that sell purifiers that produces distilled water.

While there are so many scientific literature  stating RO and distilled water is not safe to he used as drinking water as it is devoid of all minerals and can be very aggresive as it leeches out minerals from our body and also from the food that we eat, it is still made available in bottles and such purifiers are available in the market like it was alright and fine. All of these water sold in distinguishable labellings.

Mineral Water-> Water from natural fountain or springs. Usually not filtered. Have high dissolved minerals.Good.
Drinking Water-> Water from the tap just like what you have in your kitchen.  Have some amount of dissolved minerals. Most likely filtered prior to bottling. Okay.
RO Water-> The water losses all of its mineral contents. Not good.

Moreover distilled water can become acidic when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide in the air. An acidic water is certainly not good fpr the body.

Opting filtered water for drinking is a common practice since it is free from general pollutants which can be harmful for health. But the filtered water still have the valuable mineral contents that our body needs. For further safety we boil the water to eliminate all the microorganisms.

However reverse osmosis and distilled water does not give any net benefit to the body. Because as they hydrate, the take away minerals out of our body.

Hydrate well.


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