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Gratisfaction is gratitude+satisfaction.
And I am now feeling of writing some maybe normal things around me in life, that really makes me full of gratitude and feel somewhat blessed. This writing will mark my appreciation to all these things, and serve as a reminder for me not to take them for granted..This is going to be one personal honest and true account of how I sees the things around me.

  1. Neighborhood
I have reiterate my adoration to my neighborhood  through some facebook statuses before. I currently live in the neighborhood of Jenderam, which strategically located to within stone's throw to Sepang, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Nilai & Bangi. But what makes me feel very blessed is the environment or where I live- a simple spacious house that costs just RM300 rent per month, and I never have to pay for water & electricity since my housemate & I keep the usage & home appliances minimal - we are two busy guys who rarely be at home for long.

Found this pic on google image search. this one's reeeeeaally close to my place

But the most special thing is the big picture of the community here. The Jenderam generally is a peaceful place, far from hustle and bustle of busy roads and speedy vehicles. Everything's like moving casually here, but the amenities are aplenty. My place is very near with a grocery shop, a mosque, kindergarden and school. All these makes Jenderam in my opinion, a really good place to raise a family. Just saying. The mosque is very active with religious programmes that brings the jemaah close together. Moreover, also not far there is Yayasan Al-Jenderami, a well known ASWJ madrasah and knowledge centre, which is very organized and active. May Allah bless Jenderam neighborhood :)

Just 5 minutes drive from home

Another best thing about the neighborhood I stayed in is, everyone is very friendly! Well most of neighbors are Malays of Minang roots, as well as Indonesians that have migrated here long time ago. And everyone's here seems to be related! And when we move in, we are treated like we are part of the big family. My landowner's house is actually right next to the house I stayed, and his sisters houses are right behind and just across the road. It is a very close-knit community with conserved neighborhood values like we hope to have. Helpful, Caring, and Generous. During the weekends, one house would host a breakfast session and invite all of the neighbors to join in. And just last night when I was just returning home from work around 10pm, one of my neighbor (an Indonesian family) was having their daughter's 10th birthday party. All the people around, and noticably many Indonesian friends came (because when they speak Java or Minang among themselves I don't understand a word). But although I'm late they saved for me some cakes and of course-Bakso which they made themselves for the guests. Malam2 buta makan bakso panas. Layan oh~~ And the cuddling warmth is not just from the hot soup, If you know what I mean :)

The neighborhood of Jenderam is also blessed with some good food! There's a fusion of tastes from a lot of different cultures here. And being a food lover, I really appreciate the choices that I have here. Everything is just like nicely placed, and on my way to work every morning, its always a tastebud adventure. Oh did I mention the road is never busy, there's hardly high traffic here let alone being congested. And along the road there's some very good eateries with cheap prices. It's a village area afterall :9
My current favourite is the Lontong from a local eateries in front of Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom building complex.

2. Worklife

Okay enough about the neighborhood. My job now is in parallel with my Master's Degree studies programme. I am a graduate research assistant (that's what they call it) and a student. And it is not a dayjob that's requires doing something's routine everyday. I am doing research and I think  I found happiness in it. Everyday is fun with great lab members and research environment, a very inspiring and cool supervisor and a very interesting project. I really love the challenge that my job offers me. Apart from the proven fact that it reduces the risk of me developing Alzheimer due to constant strenuous brain usage, I like my job even more because it (actually its my SV) gives me the sense of freedom in pursuing the knowledge and trying my chance in expanding the frontiers of science. Sometimes I fee like a detective, like Sherlock, trying to figure out something new :P

That's my DAYjob. When the sun sets and darkness falls (ewah!), I switched into my second character as a tutor in a tuition centre.

I've been teaching tuition classes since my sophomore year during my Degree study, and god willing the tuition centre keeps renewing my service contract for another year (yeah this tuition centre kinda organized, they have contracts). In the tuition centre I taught secondary school's Science and Biology and I have students from Form 1 all the way to Form 5. In 2014, the number of classes for those two subjects increased from the previous years, and currently I am only free on Tuesday night for the weekdays. Any other night? occupied with the kids.

Science and Biology is my passion, so everything is just like syncing together and I don't really feel that it's even a job!  I have fun teaching the students, they reminded me of myself during school days, and I learn a lot about the behavior of newer generations from time spent with them. They call me 'teacher' and stuffs, but I didn't told them to. I regard myself to be more of a facilitator for Science & Biology, sharing knowledge MY WAY. That's the fun part. I did consult my teacher peers for some teaching tips since I am not a trained teacher, but for most part I articulate all the infos from the syllibus and deliver it back to them in a different style like what they've experienced in class . I am an avid follower of TED Talks, and I really strive to present science & biology in a interesting, engaging way.

And I test them from time to time, I think they got it!

And that's how I earned money.

3. Other life

When I am not in the lab or in Jenderam, most often I am at an equally good place- the place where I am in some jungle or running some road. I like to run, be it in a competitive race or just the daily training. I have some good places to run around me, where the landscape is nice and offers quite a complete challenge to me, and at the same time being safe. Before I started contracting this runner's bug, I am an avid hiker. I put quite a lot of resources to my hiking activities, and the experience is very humbling. Everytime I was huffing and puffing due to short of breath when trekking  a steep incline with a trusty Osprey Kestrel-68 backpack loaded to the brim, I have a lot of thoughts playing in my mind like " When will this damn hill ends?" and "I want to rest here stop now stop now STAHP!" - which I usually don't gave in and with a blank stare and empty brain, just continue hiking all the way up and enjoy the screaming thigh and quads muscle. Oh the sweet self-torture :). Ah too much to tell but I love every moments in the jungle and mountains.

When work requirements does not permits me to have many free time anymore to completely detach from the civilization and go into the woods, I pick up running. The feel is somewhat converges. U sweat buckets, U feel tired but U have to push on, and in the end you feel very very satisfied. Running has now be a part of my daily activity, but I am looking forward for any opportunity to hike mountains again.

How I miss moments like this.
Picture: starting point of trail to Mt.Kerinci, West Sumatera 2012

I seldom went to the movies or spend time in the shopping malls. I regard my life is just simply revolves around those three aspect that I've shared some account as above...Sometimes when time permits I will go travel to somewhere foreign, just to see the place and culture and befriends with some strangers and make far relatives.

Eventough sometimes we might feel that  we do not have enough, get a grip of ourselves and reflect back on all the things we have around us. Realize the blessings bestowed upon us and be contented with what we currently being granted and strive for the betterment. I am happy with my life. Maybe I am lacking in some personal possessions and material aspects, but my appreciation towards them and how I value things is what that makes the difference.

And as usual, a theme song that come to my mind when writing this up.

Thanks for stopping by! You're alright.

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