Wednesday, June 1, 2011

for all graduates-to-be out there, you must read this..

Last week, TED’s curator, Chris Anderson, addressed the 2011 graduating class of architects from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His advice to them?

VERY good and lifting piece of wisdom.

I quote some of them:


The architect Moshe Safdie ended his TED talk a few years with this poem.

He who seeks truth shall find beauty. He who seeks beauty shall find vanity.
He who seeks order, shall find gratification. He who seeks gratification, shall be disappointed.
He who considers himself the servant of his fellow beings shall find the joy of self-expression. He who seeks self-expression, shall fall into the pit of arrogance.
Arrogance is incompatible with nature. Through nature, the nature of the universe and the nature of man, we shall seek truth.
If we seek truth, we shall find beauty.

So I guess my advice would be... Don't pursue your passion directly. At least not yet. Instead... pursue the things that will empower you. Pursue knowledge. Be relentlessly curious. Listen, learn. You're leaving Harvard this week, but your learning cannot ever, ever be allowed to stop. "

we should all read this and realize, and prepare ourselves out of our own bubbles..
you can read the full Chris commencement address here

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