Wednesday, May 11, 2011


currently i'm doing my internship in Malaysian Genome Institute.
and for the record, i'm in Informatics department..
everything here is the state of the art mannn..cutting edge tech..canggih~ next gen punya tech.
alright.just that about my internship for now..

orang kata scientific community ni dia berbeza dengan community academia lain ,macam social science ke, linguistic ke..cikgu2 ke..sports&recreation apetah lagi..dan lain2 lah.
beza nye? dari segi character, writing, socializing, things that made their discussion..banyak le.
contohnya orang2 scientific ni lebih straight to the point, kurang nak bunga2 ayat etc etc..controlled,go by the book,nerdy...macam2 lah..bagi aku tu semua tu subjektif jugak..tak semestinya..lagi2 next gen punya scientific community ni.orang muda~ heh

tadi beru terjumpa video ni..
tapi tengok la VIDEO NI~

meremang bulu roma dennn..NERDGASM~! hahahha..bagi yang tahu benda2 yang dia buat lirik tu, korang akan faham feel lain macam tu..PCR~protokol2 lab~ ATCG~ dan lain2.
campur pulak dengan choir~ dancing~ ade guitar solo lagi tuh!

oh btw,BioRad ni satu multinational giant company yang develop laboratory equipemts & machines untuk bioscience& biotech.
dua video ni BioRad buat untuk commercial dia pasal Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) & Enzyme..

memang something aaaaaaaaaa..REVOLUTIONARY! these are just EPIC! kelakar tak ingat..aku tak boleh tahannnn~!
somebody at Bio Rad has crazy marketing ideas!!

thanks for hahaha stopping hahah by!~ haha you are hahaha alright~~XD

i appreciate scientific community.

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