Monday, August 13, 2018

I really don’t like night time like this, it brings back bad feelings

Have u ever realize how one can be so unlucky it transcends misery to become funny?
Yeah like how in a comedy (Bean or Chaplin for example) when the actor got into so many unfortunate event the audience finds all that mishaps undergone as amusing and laugh to that. 

Yeah thats me right now. An impressive streak of bad experiences, failed attempts, killed hopes and let downs. Helplessly unhappy and my heart just have to endure the torcher coz what options do i have? At times like this i wish i can cry like normal people coz that might make me feel much better but im cursed with broken emotions so thats another joke on me. Felt like karma slaps like a bitch and laugh at me then slaps some more. 

Im joining the laughing at myself l, the jokes on me. Humor is the only thing that can make bad news tolerable. Shit damn fucking hell i’m sad ahhhhhhhhhh. I hate this but it’s beyond my control so let us just be amazed of how fucked up every thing can be. Hahahaha! Dry sobbing all the way.
Isk isk iskk

gonna take my moment to be sad now, really milking the sorrow. Savoring this pain.
Then put it away & bounce back.


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