Friday, March 2, 2018


I watched ‘Our Souls at Night’ on Netflix recently and was really taken into the movie. I think the central premise is lovely, a story about two elderly neighbors whom were widowed and living their lonesome life day in day out, almost numbed by the lack of any form of excitation whatsoever, then trying to find emotional refuge in each other then rediscovered love again late in their life (though it’s never too late for love). A beautiful story about an elderly couple, reconnecting to life to enjoy what it still has to offer, and not dying before time is due. A refreshing take from typical lovestory of young hearts. I like how intimacy was portrayed from an elderly soulmates perspective

“Nighttime are the worst” was one of the dialogue uttered early on in the movie and it’s my favorite line. When all work is done, daytime errands finished and other chores ended, and everyone dismissed back to their respective life, what remains if one are alone is a daunting reality, a silent torcher to the soul. The absence of another soul render our own somewhat soul-less, having no partner to talk to, nothing remotely social takes place, it’s a stagnant space devoid of existence, a vacuous emptiness that can feel like eternity until the sun came. Night time feels forever, getting through it will be painful and to sleep is the only way to make it bearable.

Lonely nights are indeed the worst. Hang in there, souls. Brave on.

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