Thursday, September 29, 2016


it's fucked up how money changes how one think & see things.
it's also quite frightening.

increased purchasing power liberates something somewhere inside oneself, flipping a switch
that negates previously effective reasoning mechanism. "Relax it is fine." Just like that.

This shift in decision making when spending money reflects two things at least:
1) The invidual's lack of financial management skills
2) Perceived evaluation is just another volatile concept, like perceived time. "Age is just a number" be "Price is just an assigned number."

Post-purchase dilemma or withdrawal syndrome that sets in after making an unusual spending; a relapse period where oneself dwells a bit more to the thought of making a bad decision, a moment of reaffirmations, rationalizing, reasoning etc. This moment might as well be filled with self praise, when a well justified, good deal is made.

But money with is swooning prowess, make these aftertought fade.

Actually I'm just concerned with my tendency of spending money these time around. that's all. kahkah

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