Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Japanizii going going goingg

That's just the title of a somewhat strange Japanese gameshow airing in my country right now. Idk every aspects of the show seems weird. The eccentric & expressive Japanese host dude surely left some impression (more like force-imprint left). Japanizii going going goinggg!

I'm not actually going to talk about that show, but to cut story short- I'm going going going to Japaniziii! In 2016 actually..for the Kyoto Marathon to be precise.

Today the ballot result for Kyoto M came out & I got lucky. Finally a refreshing news in the midst of cancelled races due to haze blanketing Malaysia & also my recent unsuccessful bid to run the incoming Tokyo Marathon 2016 (which I had the privellege to run in 2015). Well Kyoto is fine for me!

This news just lifts everything. I see marathon as a self-challenge, an avenue of enjoyment with depth & purpose, a pursuit for continuous betterment...the thought of that makes me see life in a more meaningful way. I do feel life more meaningful when training for a marathon. I feel closer to myself, and my surrounding.

The travel part is a bonus. Runcation (travel because races) is my way to go plus doing it solo. This might be my 3rd visit to Japan in 3 consecutive years but I never been to Kyoto plus I don't think I'll ever get enough of such amazing place so it's justified liddat (lol) I'm gonna seize this opportunity with both hands, and make this trip happen. It's all about life experiences, stories of my time. Surely they'll be some difficulties in the process (I can already foresee some) but I'm adamant, againts all odds. 

Anticipate a high spirited, nailbitingly anxious, diligently hardworking months ahead..for the training (and saving) starts naooo in road to kyoto M.

 Kawaguchiko & Fujisan
(Jp 2015)

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