Friday, August 24, 2012

purrrrr suit!

The pursuit of resolution
Certain random points of time somehow excites me up to make resolutions.
Well, not really resolutions like the normal new year one, but it is in the same spirit of renewing determination like that. For me it’s the time for me to re-justify my direction and goals as events took its place and things unfold in the course of life.
Let this piece settles down here to serve as a reminder for me.

The pursuit of happiness.
I hope to get a better grasp in understanding the real meaning and purpose of my life in the big(gest) picture. I have recurrence of conflicts in understanding life..I don’t believe life is meant to be so selfishly self-centered. I am not absolutely happy. And I believe the integral part of the answer lies in getting myself closer to Allah..
To find the balance of things in life.

The pursuit of fitness
The accident that happened a week before raya inflicted more damage that I’ve expected. Tho I miraculously escaped with minimal physical bruises n scratches, the impact of the crash causes constant discomfort on my back and hairline fractures my right tibia. This means rest. And bye2 to mountain hiking, wall climbing and rope techniques for the rest of 2012 at least.
And I see running come in as the best replacement for me to keep me moving. I’m so gonna run after raya. 

The pursuit of depth
Depth in knowledge. It has been 2 months since I started the bioinformatics of omics analysis..and tho a lot of new things I’ve learnt, It was evident that i'm still below expectations. My competence on the matter is still trivial, and far from grasping the core and soul of the field..It is a pleasure doing all these work but I need to devote myself more and work harder to get in-depth understanding of bioinformatics. Feels good when we managed to be so.
In order to gain depth, i must priorotize things and try to live with it. istiqamah & discipline. Things related to work must go first at every possible chances and resources, and then only i can do things i really love like hiking,learning more on the rope techniques and stuffs, travelling, and all..which i've meticulously planned their timing in the coming future..People have to set a focus..what matters the most? Bahang rambang dan pukul rata semua yang menarik akan merosakkan kesemuanya..tiada depth.
So I am going to
  • Learn to write in Perl n better in php
  • Practice until I am really literate in command line
  • Push for in-depth understanding on the omics-analysis..starting from the technical sequencing parts n stuffs, the nature of the datas generated and how they changes in each handlings, what actually happen in all the analysis approaches involved, and other stuffs. Macam usop & emno.
  • Read BBW more!
  • be better in other things that I am yet to know.
  • and stop wasting time meaninglessly watching people online for  hours you ^$%@#^@$!!!
whatever our life is , it's a blessing.

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